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Disciple 1:
Becoming Disciples
Through Bible Study

Disciple 1 study is the wonderful opportunity to walk through the Bible in 24 weeks with others. The study manual provides the Bible text for daily reading. By reading the Bible text and making notes during your daily reading, the class discussion becomes the highlight of the weekly study. It is the opportunity to ask questions, to learn and to share what you received from the lesson.

How did the study of Disciple I impact your spiritual life?

Share your experience! Did this study have a positive influence on your spiritual life? Did it cause you to make adjustments in your life, influence your attitude or just give you a greater understanding of God's word. Share your story of how Disciple I influenced your life?
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From Genesis to the New Jerusalem

Disciple 1, BECOMING DISCIPLES THROUGH BIBLE STUDY. starts with the Book of Genesis and moves through the time of the New Jerusalem. What a view! The study summarizes the Bible and presents the Bible in such a way that the student sees how the Books of the Bible relate. It is a valuable experience for the student of the you do not want to miss.

Class Facilitator

The class facilitator introduces the topic and leads the class discussion of the material. Everyone is encouraged to take part and to express their opinions about the study.

The Study Manual Outlines the Week's Lesson

The class study manual adds commentary to the study. The Bible is the primary text of the study and the Study Manual outlines the assigned context for reading each day. I encourage all students to make notes during their daily reading. It is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, make comments and share experiences.

Super Informative Videos

A Bible scholar, a teacher, a professor or a preacher presents a ten-minute video each week. They provide an excellent summary of the material studied during the week. They offer interesting thoughts and ideas that the class can discuss further.

Class Discussion and Interaction

The most amazing value of the study is interacting with the other Christians in the class and getting to know them. They encourage each person to express his/her views on the topic. Where you may have always thought of a scripture in a certain way, others often have a different perspective. It truly is a fellowship course.

God wants us to love one another. Love begins and develops as we get to know each other.

Disciple Study I:
Do Not Miss It

Give yourself a gift. Take this study class. You do not want to miss this one.

If your church does not offer these classes, ask your pastor how they can be made available. You can consider holding these classes with other churches in your area.

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