Disciple 3:
Remember Who You Are

It is good to Remember Who You Are in the sight of God! Disciple 3 is a journey through the Books of the Prophets and the Books of Paul. The prophets were the mouthpiece of God and carried God's warning to the People of Israel whenever they strayed from His loving care.

Paul's letters reveal more about God and what God wants us to do. This study is a detail look into Paul's letters.

What Are Your Priorities?

What are your priorities in your life? What do you feel are the priorities of the surrounding community? STOP....take a few minutes to think about your priorities.

Remember Who You Are is a study of the Old Testament prophets and the letters of Paul. You find that the prophets and Paul are continually calling the community back to the God of Israel and to realize who they were and who we are.

God used the prophets as His mouthpiece to call to the people of the community and to remind them of what He had done for them. The prophets were a part of the community and God called the prophets out of the community to speak to the community.

As it is with you and your ministry. God has a special place for you to serve Him. STOP...and LISTEN...God is desiring to bless you in a special way.

The Word of the Lord

The study manual guides you through the scripture of the study of the prophets. The prophets often used the phrase, "The Word of the Lord," to illustrate their message to the people from God. Their words were often a warning from God to the community and to the king of the nations. The prophets also spoke to the people to Remember Who They Were.

This wonderful study is an ideal setting for discussions about God, about ourselves and about God's people. Heart felt discussions along with daily prayer strengthen our bond with God and to our fellow Christians. Often, it creates a ministry that reaches beyond the class.

All have asked ourselves about our purpose in life. We want to know what God wants us to do and to be. These questions often lead to deeper and deeper thought and searching.

Love God With All Your Heart

Could the answer possibly be that God wants each of us to "Love Him with all our hearts, with all our might and with all our strength?" What greater gift can we give God than our love for Him?

Prophets and Kings

The first 16 weeks of Disciple 3 is a study of all the Old Testament books of the prophets (except for Daniel) and the kings who reigned.

One of the first things that becomes clear about the prophets is that each prophet comes from a unique background. They used their history and background to communicate with the community. In other words, God used the prophet's connection to the community to speak to His people.

Each week, a ten-minute video is presented which provides additional information for thought. Each video is exceptional. The presenters are teachers, scholars, preachers and professors with exceptional ability in communicating the message of the study lesson. Real spiritual food.

A flow chart showing the time-period of each king and of each prophet helps to put the prophet/king relationship in perspective. So often, God spoke to the kings through the prophets. Who was the king leading up to the fall of Israel, the northern kingdom? Who was the king of Judea leading up to the captivity by the Babylonians? Who were the prophets that God was using to warn the kings and the communities?

Spiritual Transformation

Disciple 3 is a study that will change your spiritual life and pull you in a closer relationship with God. It is spiritually transforming.

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