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Disciple 2:
Into the Word-
Into the World

Do you know and understand all that God wants you to do? Disciple 2: INTO THE WORD, INTO THE WORLD provides a wonderful opportunity to learn what Gods wants you to do with your life. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about God and how we can serve Him.

What Does It All Mean?

How often have you read a verse or even a chapter in the Bible and scratched your noggin...wondering what does this really means? Or do these words relate to me? Or even wondered how could the Word of God help you meet your daily challenges?

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to bounce your thoughts off of? Wouldn't it be great to ask questions about those passages in the Word that are unclear to you? Wouldn't it be enlightening to hear what others think about these topics?

Ideas flow as each person takes part in the discussion and sees God's word from another perspective. This is Disciple 2. This is the learning and sharing atmosphere of Bible fellowship. This is the experience of a lifetime!

Receive By Sharing and Giving

So often we read the Bible and we may or may not understand the significant of what it is saying. What do we do? Too often, we just go on our way and not give the message a second thought.

Disciple 2 gives you the wonderful opportunity to discuss your thoughts and to hear the thoughts of others in the class. When you think of a wonderful opportunity to receive by sharing, do you see how a heartfelt discussion would make a deep impact on your understanding of the Word of God? Have you ever hungered for the opportunity to share with fellow Christians and ponder the message of God's Word?

Into The Word Into the World is that study.

Read, Learn, Discuss and Grow

Each week, for 32 weeks, you will read, learn, discuss, and to grow in your spiritual life. You will spend approximately 40 to 50 minutes each day reading the assigned lesson and answering the questions in the study guide. And then... you spend two additional hours in hearing, discussing, and fellowship with your classmates.

GROW...GROW...GROW. That is what Disciple 2 is all about.

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