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My Best "Best Advice."

by Elvin

I accepted the Lord when I was about 11 years old. It was a major event in my life. I wondered at the time why it was not more meaningful to my family and friends.

I do not remember receiving any advice when I was a new Christian. Maybe that was because I was in the Church before being saved and the long-time Christians just assumed that I would know what to do.

What I did not know and was not prepared for was the attack of Satan as I began to follow the Lord. I learned that he is sneaky and cunning. He gets you when you least expect it and camouflages his work in glamorous wrappings of the world.

Life can be difficult. It has been a school of hard knocks and falling on my face. I learn from looking back over the events that caused me to drift from the Lord. Rarely, did I see Satan coming and most of the time he merely nudged me off track. If he had slammed into me, I may have taken note and understood what was happening. It was subtle, small enticements that grew with time until it just seemed like the thing to do.

But sin is sin and wrong is wrong. Unfortunately, sin led me down some very long and dark roads. These brought pain and trouble. The sad part was I repeated the same mistake over and over. Finally, I realized what was happening and where it was coming from.

I got smarter, but it sure took a long time to get smart.

My advice to new Christians is to understand that you will be tempted and tested. Know it is Satan. My best, best advice is to stay close to the Lord, study God's word, pray and associate yourself with Christians.

May God bless all Christians, especially new Christians as they begin to walk with the Lord.

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Apr 04, 2015
Praise God
by: Anonymous

May God Bless You,
It is good to acknowledge a new Christian into the family of God and let the person know they are welcome and that they have made an important decision.

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